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this morning and president obama says he just wants a little bit more time. >> i've always said that change is going to take more than one term and more than one president. and it takes more than one party. >> but, will a second term really bring the change to washington that the president has promised? >> plus, we are 100 days awhich from over the largest tax hike in u.s. history. that's good news for you folks, unless congress tries to stop it. will google be caught in the cross hairs. >> don't worry, dave, congress moves quickly to solve this. buy a chevy volt so get $10,000 back. can't seem to sell them so now the car that costs more to make will cost you less to buy. we'll get out the abacus and try to sort that out. the chevy volt problems continues. "fox & friends." ♪ >> hey, everybody, good sunday morning, good to have ainsley in for alisyn. >> i love being in here for alisyn. >> clayton: i don't know fw you caught, dave is a manly guy and he's at disney world and dave. >> dave: don't pull that. it's got a crown on it. >> you don't have a daughter. >> dave: i do, but it's more me
's counting on. with the economic recovery much more intepid, mr. obama is in a difficult position, people polleded thinks he understands, but think that romney, he says romney has no plan to solve them. his assessment. >> it's obama's fault. and governor romney is the only one who knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. that is the pitch. there was a lot of talk about heart truths and bold choices, but nobody actually bothered to tell you what they were. >> here in charlotte, the democrats are turning to technology to make it convention. the entire convention streamed online with people attending interacting with those watching it and translated into spanish to help the president hold on to substantial lead of spanish voters could help him in the west and florida as well. interest in the convenes down from 2008. governor romney's acceptance speech, 10 million fewer tv viewers than john mccain, and the charlotte in the california stadium, and the democrats may struggle to fill the seats. hasn't drawn that many. >> dave: the clint eastwood, is there a buzz about a surpris
is james clapper? we'll take a look. >> dave: remember when president obama said that americans cling to their guns and religion? well, paul ryan says he's proud to be a klinger. >> this catholic deer hunter is guilty as charged and i'm proud of that fact. that's what freedom is. >> dave: catholic deer hunter, vp nominee and why he says a second obama term makes him shudder. >> clayton: and then blaming the boss for stealing, one former tsa over revealing the real reason that he stole 1 million dollars worth of stuff from passengers. the shocking details straight ahead from the tsa. and it's sunday, "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> it is sunday, good sunday morning, how are you guys. >> clayton: the top of the morning to you. people on twitter this morning wanted to make today, national coffee day part deux. >> dave: every day is coffee day on the curvy couch. >> clayton: who makes these days up anyway. >> dave: dunkin' donuts wants to sell more coffee. we'll ask a question, do you find yourself neglecting your kids buried in the smart phone. i neglect pretty much everything.
expenditures and congressman allen west is condemning the obama administration for its lassitude in letting this go forward. >> let's hear what congressman west said in the g.o.p. weekly address. >> that the president for you, the commander-in-chief of our armed forces will sit idle and do nothing. it's shameful. its irresponsible and wrong, dead wrong. >> in your nomination acceptance speech you stated your role was to have the strongest military the world has ever known. you've proven this promise to the american people is nothing more than empty rhetoric. your determination to allow sequestration proves your words are as hollow as your desires to hollow out our military. all of this is a bargaining chip to raise taxes. for the shake of our country, and our future, i hope you will do the right thing, sir, and work with us to eliminate this threat so we can confront the brave threats of freedom around the globe to us, to our allies. >> i think, i mean, at the core of that is a millipoint which this is a bargaining chip to raise taxes. you're not going to see cuts on budget after this happe
, including a twister touching down in new york city, leaving behind a mess. >> and president obama praising bill clinton for helping make his case at the dnc. >> after he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet, they said, you should appoint him secretary of explaining stuff. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. >> but maybe the president shouldn't be laughing when he's blamed a misunderstanding for his policies failures in the past. we report, you decide. >> and a woman who is on dave briggs' ipod. >> yeah. >> may have more than seven things she hates about one fan. wait until he was heard caught snooping around. >> that was miley not me. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us right and early. we have a packed show and we've had breaking news overnight. >> yeah, crazy weather ear in the northeast that ripped through parts of the mid atlantic yesterday. severe storms causing damages, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark, take a look at this. tornado touching down and you don't often see this, new york city, two touchdowns, a bizarre occurrence. >> a twister
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)